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A Black Truffle Salt Recipe That’ll Spark Up Your Favorite Dishes

It's a dream of a culinary designers palate, Rich and tasty black truffle salt is sizzling at the top of culinary charts all around the world. A melt-in-your-mouth delight, truffles have become the sine qua non of the culinary world. Rich in taste and healthy for your body, this versatile salt can be used for everything from scrambled eggs to omelets and more. In fact, truffles are known to boost the metabolism and are excellent for weight loss. But not only is it healthy food to eat, but it is also an excellent recipe ingredient.

A melt-in-your-mouth delight, black truffle salt brings back the earthy, mushroom flavors to pork, beef, eggs, and pasta.

FYI: There are many other top-selling high-quality salts, but these three are among the healthiest and most flavorful on the planet. 

The black color of this salt gives it a unique, earthy flavor that is hard to describe. This earthy flavor creates a unique type of flavor that is very appealing to many.

In fact, it is not very hard to make black truffles, and surprisingly, it is also easy to make them from scratch at home. Of course, you will need to find good quality ingredients, and this may take some doing if you do not live in the La Cung Ca district where black truffles are harvested. However, I do have some sources close to where I live and know that they have excellent black truffle sea salt. If you cannot find it near you, look online for suppliers in the area.

Here's another way to use black truffle sea salt on your popcorn. It is so simple to make. All you need is some popcorn, butter, cheese, and salt. Heat the butter to smoking temperature, then put your popcorn in the middle of a greased baking sheet.

Spread the butter over the entire surface of the popcorn, making sure no air bubbles are left. Then place your fine sea salt evenly on top, and pop your popcorn. Wait several minutes, and flip. The black truffle sea salt will have a browned appearance, and the popcorn will pop with a very large burst of flavor. This is one of my favorites!

Truffles are wonderful in pasta sauce. These days, mushrooms and prosciutto are available at most supermarkets. You can easily make a delicious pasta sauce using your favorite ingredients, then just sprinkle on black truffle salt to taste. If you're not into mushrooms, prosciutto can be substituted with other fresh vegetables such as artichokes or asparagus. Sprinkle black truffle salt onto your pasta and serve with grated Parmesan cheese for a truly luxurious experience!

Asparagus is another all-natural flavor treat that can be sprinkled onto a variety of foods. Sprinkle on any amount of crushed garlic or fresh ginger for a spicy, earthy flavor. For a more subtle flavor, sprinkle on some of your favorite herbs such as Rosemary or thyme. Both of these herbs have an earthy flavor that goes well with sauteed mushrooms, polenta, or other grilled foods. Add some sliced scallions or dried basil for a nice touch, too.

You can also sprinkle this salty salt on just about anything you would like to spruce up. You may love shrimp, fish, or chicken, it will definitely sparkle in pasta sauce. Use the salt on top of your baked potatoes, or on top of your baked sweet potatoes. In fact, you can use black salt in any way you wish. It doesn't matter whether you want to use it on pasta, meat, vegetables, or just sprinkle it on top of everything.