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Advantages Of Buying Army Surplus Tents

The canopy industry has brought various innovations which are now available in the market. Shade Sails are modern covers that provide style to any patio, awnings and large commercial and home structures. When attached to any swimming pool area, restaurants, commercial offices, parks and sports facilities, it can even create sophisticated and relaxing ambience.

The base x canopy has a flexible membrane which is used as the material and is attached to several anchor points. These covers improve and provide a very nice look to any home, pools and open spaces. Many appreciate its design as compared with other awnings with its easy-to-set up feature.

These canopies are used in countries where sun heat is high to protect people from getting sun burn and to limit the risk of getting skin cancer. The cool comfort it offers makes it the modern choice of more households and commercial businesses. Today, they are customized according to the client's demands. They are easily adjustable to varying sun angles making them very practical to use.

Army canopies are ideal covering to residential and commercial spaces. They can enhance the look and value of these places. Tents can even save energy consumption as they lower solar heat during summer up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows.