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Data network affiliates have proven methods of collecting data and documenting it in four different ways. There are databases and business-to-business networks, people-to-people, people–people, and people–business networks.

These data network affiliates are there to collect data that can be used to assist people in many ways.

data network


This type of data processing could help the Amber Alert program locate missing children by looking at the “people-to-people” category. This is possible because law enforcement can correlate missing children with cars, license plates, and times by capturing data. This method has been very successful in the last few years.

Next is “business to people”. Network affiliates promote products and services to target niches. Many companies want to target truck drivers in Alaska so databases have been created.

Data networks that are “business to business” are designed to offer B2B service and product opportunities. Many businesses require expertise from another business. By using a database, you can guarantee the best prices and the best results.

The data network affiliates also work at a “people-to-business” level. This means that certain businesses can be provided to those who are looking for a specific service. It is a great resource for individuals as it allows them to easily compare companies and find low-cost products.