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Auto Window Replacement In CA

Auto window replacement is a service that car dealers offer their customers. The dealer will replace your car's auto window with a new one. When it comes time to auto glass replacement for your car's, you may be wondering whether or not this is a good decision. After all, auto windows are a big investment, and you may not want to spend the money just yet. This service can be expensive, so it's important to ask the right questions before you make your purchase.

Here are some tips to help you get the most value for your money when you have your car's auto window replaced: 

1. Ask the dealer what type of warranty the new window has: Many dealers offer a limited warranty on their new windows. This means that if there is something wrong with the window within a certain period of time (usually one year), the dealer will fix or replace it free of charge.

2. Ask about any discounts that may be available to customers who have their car's auto window replaced: Many dealers offer discounts on the price of the new window if it's replaced in conjunction with other automotive repairs, such as a tune-up or oil change.

3. Be sure to ask about any installation fees that may be associated with replacing your car's auto window: Some dealers charge a fee for installing the new window, but this fee usually depends on the size and type of new window that is purchased.