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Black Truffle Salt A Healthy Alternative to Healthier Food

Black truffles are a specialty of French confectionery. They're small, black, and shiny and have a very unique flavor that's hard to describe. This article describes how to find authentic French truffles and what to look for when you buy them online. The tips and tricks that follow will help you get the best value for your money.

You've probably never heard of black truffle sea salt or black sea salt. Don't be surprised if you're offered these items when you go to a fancy restaurant or buy them from an online vendor. Most online sellers sell fake black truffle salt and ship internationally. As stated above, the best way to get authentic black truffle salt is to buy real truffles made with actual truffles (don't forget the chemicals).

If you want to be sure of the source, look for recipes calling for Italian black truffle salt. Truffles come from the Alps and can be harvested anywhere there's enough sun. Some of the most popular ingredients include nutmeg, chestnuts, dates, raisins, and even prunes. Because they grow in the wild, they're farming out of harm and can be harvested in the most natural conditions. These special Italian sea salt flakes are the source of the high-quality seasoning we use in our favorite dishes.

Although many people use the seasoning on their meat, fish, and poultry, black truffle salt makes wonderful additions to scrambled eggs, omelets, grits, meats, and vegetables. If you enjoy sausage, you'll love the texture and flavor of your scrambled eggs. If you're a lover of smoked salmon, be sure to add some to your morning omelets. A sprinkle added to baked potatoes or polenta makes a nice addition to a summer meal.

There's nothing quite like fresh black truffles on a warm summer day. Try experimenting with different flavors and combinations. You might add sage, Rosemary, chives, garlic, or even ginger. Try combining white wine with the wine you'll be using to make an excellent red wine stock. Using black summer truffles on the savory crackers, chicken slices and soups is a delightful way to enhance and enrich the flavors of any dish.

Another way to enjoy Italian black truffle salt is to take advantage of the fresh aroma to help supplement the flavor in your dishes. If you're cooking a pasta dish, simply sprinkle the dust on top of your pasta dishes before serving. If you're baking a loaf of bread, simply melt some truffle fat over the top of your bread loaf before placing it in the oven. You can also take this fragrance along with you when you go out to restaurants as a great aroma cue for appetizers and desserts.

You'll also find black truffle salt online. In fact, many manufacturers sell their products online. If you don't live near an Italian market or don't have the time to visit one, consider purchasing your salts online. You'll often find special discounts to brick and mortar retailers, but you may be able to find good deals on the internet as well.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your Italian black truffle salt, the naturally sweet taste of the product is definitely an added bonus. This salt also goes great in various foods and is becoming known as a unique ingredient. It enhances the flavor in fish, poultry, pasta, cheese, sausage, salads, and vegetable dishes. No matter what you plan on cooking with it, you can't go wrong with this all-natural, hypoallergenic salt.

There are a few different varieties available. One of the more popular options that are available today is Italian black truffle salt with an olive oil base. Other types include truffle salt with a smoked flavor and even caramelized flavors. Some of the other choices include the traditional version, which is almost black in color, the "Bianco" style truffle which has an olive oil base; and the "Sicilian" style which is a mixture of the two.

There really isn't a way to describe the taste of these Italian treats. Each variety will deliver a different aroma and some are harder to pronounce for those who don't have an affinity for Italian food. For those who do, however, you can be sure there's a wide array of aromas to choose from. The great thing about making the Italian black truffle salt yourself is that you can add your own personal touch to each recipe to create a unique flavor that people will love. Most people prefer the flavor of the Sicilian truffle because of the wonderful aroma and creamy texture, but even the traditional version has its fan base.

For the most part, the Italian black truffle salt is a healthier choice than the regular sea salt or table salt that we all use on a daily basis. Since it contains no chemical additives, it's going to have a very natural flavor all on its own. This makes it ideal for adding to any recipe where you want to add another layer of flavor. If you decide to make it a part of a recipe, be sure to check and see if you can find the type of it that comes with a very low amount of sodium content. When it comes to flavor and aroma, nothing compares to sea salt.