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Boxing Tips And Punch Technique

All boxing beginners need to learn three fundamental punches. These three basic punches are the jab and cross as well as the hook. You can also use body shots, overhands, and uppercuts to get more advanced punches.

You must ensure that your hands are well wrapped when practicing your boxing punch technique. Also, make sure you have the correct type of gloves and the best everlast punching bag (Which is also called ‘ Meilleur sac de boxe everlast ’ in French). The correct gear will prevent boxer from getting injured and maximize his/her boxing performance. 

The Boxing Jab Technique

The jab must be thrown with one hand and the other on the leading leg. A right-handed boxer, for example, would stand with his left foot leading and jab with his left hand. 

A jab does not involve hip rotation. The jab is more straight and quick whip-like motion, with the arm. This is to distract the opponent from the distance. The jab sets them up, while the cross and hook are knockout punches.

Cross Boxing Tips

Crosses are thrown with the opposite leg of the lead leg. They are very powerful as they generate most of their power through hip rotation. Cross technique:

1. Place your feet flat on the ground. Push off with your back foot, while your feet are still planted.

2. .As you turn, move the punching hand towards the opponent’s chin.

To increase your power, practice combining the three steps while you punch a heavy box.

The Boxing Hook Technique

The hook can be thrown using the same hand that the jab. However, you must angle your fist towards the side of the opponent’s chin and then turn your back foot toward your front foot. The hook can knock out your opponent, just like the cross.