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Buyer’s Guide To Granite Benchtops

Granite is available in many colors including browns, grays, pinks, and purples. Granite's warm, welcoming texture is due to its grainy, mottled texture. It is stylish and cost-effective.

Here's a quick guide to help you avoid making costly mistakes when buying granite benchtops.

The first thing you should decide is whether granite slabs or tiles are what you want. Granite slabs are solid granite. The slab is made from large blocks of granite. It has the same pattern and color as the rest of the slab. Although it is more expensive than tiles, it requires less maintenance. If you are interested in installing a granite benchtop then you can hire us to do this job professionally for you.

Granite Benchtops

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Granite tiles are made from several left-over pieces. These tiles are cheaper but require more maintenance, especially grout between them.

After you have learned the differences between tiles and slabs, you need to be cautious when buying slabs. Granite benchtops come in a variety of patterns. Some have a flowing or wavy pattern. 

These are great for ensuring that all benchtops run in the same direction when you buy them. This will not only save your kitchen from an unattractive look, but it also helps you avoid being fooled. Fabricators sometimes use leftover pieces from an earlier job. This saves money, but it can be a pain in the eyes. Be careful and stick to the same pattern.

Polish adds a finishing touch on any surface. Polish instantly improves the object's appearance. Polishing granite benchtops is also necessary. This gives granite benchtops a mirror-like appearance.