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Buying Affordable Army Tents Online

Tents are the cheapest way to enjoy outdoor camping, and cheap tents make the camping experience more affordable. One of the best places to find cheap tents is garage and church sales on both weekends. 

Families that moved out of town or have grown children may be willing to part with the fancy model song tents because they no longer use them! There are so many companies like US military tents that provide better information about army tents.

army tent

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Check your local Yellow Pages for the nearest Army Surplus store for good sources for cheap tents. Check the internet for recycling websites for people in your city who might want to give away a tent or trade it in for something you own.

Thrift stores sometimes accept donations for used tents that don't catch the eye of your budget. Tell the staff there that you are looking for a cheap tent. Websites usually have a good selection of new and used tents. This is a great resource for finding an inexpensive tent that fits your budget.

Until you buy a used luxury tent at a discount, you can buy a cheaper model from a local wholesaler, sports shop, or a large department store with a patio furniture section.

Be aware that cheap tents may not be completely waterproof or explode during high, constant winds. They can be made of canvas, polyurethane, or nylon in a variety of styles from upright and pop-up tents to truss, A-frames, domes, and rack awnings with aluminum or fiberglass poles.