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Choice of Hard or Soft Rifle Case

The gun case not only makes it easier to transport the gun but also protects it. Hard cases and soft cases are the two most common types of gun cases. You can purchase the best custom hard case via

Hard Case: Hard gun cases offer more protection than soft cases. The cover is usually made of plastic or aluminum and protects your weapon from the elements and other external forces. 

The interior is lined with foam to protect your gun from impact. It also helps prevent the gun from moving into the box. If you look at the inner foam, the thicker the better. Some cases are equipped with model-specific foam for a snug fit. If you're flying with a firearm, you'll need a TSA-approved hard case.

Soft Case: The soft rifle case is light and easy to carry. They're also smoother than hard cases, making them an excellent choice in the woods. Waterfowl hunters frequently use waterproof, floatable soft cases.

The soft case can even be used as a cushion when the gun isn't inside. If you plan to fly with your firearm, it's a good idea to bring a bag or soft case for the gun. 

Whether you're looking for a hard or soft gun case, you need a case that locks. Hard cases can be equipped with a locking system, while most soft cases have zippers that can be locked with a padlock.