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Custom T-Shirt Printing, Things You Should Know

Ordering a custom printed t-shirt can seem like a monumental task when all the details to consider come up in the ordering process. With a little preparation and knowledge of what your printer needs in advance. your order will be processed faster and the end result will have a much better chance of meeting your expectations.

Here are a few tips that will increase your chances of a good experience when ordering a custom sublimated polo shirts.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the first decision you need to make is the type of shirt you want to print. The scene is wide when it comes to t-shirt selection, but apart from color, there are a few things to choose from. The first thing to think about is are you looking for a standard t-shirt or a fashionable t-shirt? 

Apart from thermal transfer and sublimation, there are basically two types of t-shirt screen printing, screen printing, and digital printing. It's worth doing a little research to make the right decision. Digital printing is done on a printing press which is very similar to a paper printer you plug into your home or office computer. 

In terms of personalization, it is a better choice for small orders as there is no need to create a screen for every color in the design and all that is required is a high-quality image. 

Screen printing, on the other hand, makes for a better choice for larger orders, and although it takes more time to prepare, it becomes cheaper as the quantity increases.