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Different Hip Hop Music And Dance to Learn

Hip-hop is around twenty years old. It is more of a culture. Hip Hop is not just music. It is much more than music, lyrics, and videos. Many people still believe that hip-hop is a product of Rap artists and producers.

Hip-hop was created in New York by a group of young African-American men and Hispanic men in the late 1960s. It is part of the hip-hop culture of graffiti, rap, and scratch music. You can visit the website to know more about trending dance styles.

Although hip-hop dance is constantly evolving, it is generally accepted by two distinct styles: one is body popping and another is breakdance.

Breakdance is an athletic solo where the performer or dancer enters the arena in a sideways movement and then dives or breaks to the floor. He then spins around on his shoulders and head and ends up in a frozen position.

 Body popping, on the other hand, involves fast and sharp actions that travel through the body in a similar way to a series of robotic-looking movements. 

Hip-hop music and dance became very popular in the late 1970s. It is now often used in theatre dance. The key aspect of hip-hop music and dancing that defines the style is the passion for dance and expressing emotions.

Although it is important to be skilled in technique, the key is that you must believe in yourself. You can also develop your movements by feeling the emotions.

Hip hop can be described as a musical style that is part of hip-hop culture. It is defined by key stylistic elements like rapping and scratching DJing. It is also known as MCing or even emceeing.