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Dog Behaviorist Separation Anxiety Solutions

Separation anxiety is an issue that lots of dogs undergo when left alone at home or in a less familiar place. It's a natural response for a puppy to be strongly bonded for its mother and littermates, so when he leaves the clutter, this bond will naturally transfer to the dog owner. 

This is usually a healthy relationship and creates a bond between a pet and owner. It is simply an issue when your dog gets too dependent on its owner and behavioral issues are generated. And as a result, your pet starts showing dog behaviorist separation anxiety which leads to many other problems. 


Separation anxiety is often characterized by urinating and defecating at the house with a usual house-trained dog, destruction of furniture and different items involving beds, floors, doors, and furniture, barking, whining, howling, and hyperactivity. 

Separation anxiety is probably at fault if the behavior occurs right after the passing of the owner of course should your dog provide hyperactive, prolonged greeting when the master returns.

A dog suffering from separation anxiety will exhibit his own unique behavioral issues – some will develop one problem while others are going to exhibit several, sometimes beginning the anxiety cycle whilst the owner continues to be at home in expectation of him leaving. 

Your dog which follows its owner from room to room, whines, and whimpers, shakes, and generally seems distressed as the owner prepares to leave the house is very often starting its own episode of anxiety. This is the point where an owner can begin to re-train their dog to react differently to their departure.