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Fear Of Flying: How To Deal With It

While air travel is becoming more common, more and more people experience the stress associated with flying. These tensions can lead to a state of fear if they are not effectively controlled, resulting in a fear of flying. 

Fear of flying may otherwise be referred to as aviophobia, or aerophobia. Fear usually occurs when the person is present in an airplane, helicopter, or any other flying vehicle, before or after the flight. For more information about fear of the plane visit

Fear Of Flying

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However, it is also common to add fear of flight before it is present in a particular flight vehicle. There are a series of phobias and fears that may be responsible for the onset of flying phobia. These may include fear of panic attacks and causing embarrassment, otherwise known as social phobia; Fear of heights, otherwise known as acrophobia.

In addition to the many fears and phobias that can reduce the fear of flying, there are many external factors that can also contribute to flight phobias. The media has a great influence on attitude towards flight by being selective about information and focusing only on the special events that will attract the most interest. Another aspect that may contribute to fear of flight is the lack of understanding and information about air travel.