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Gorgeous Glass Painting Designs On Birthday Cards

Generally there are two different styles of glass paint – water based and non-water-based. Both have a wide choice of colours and are intermixable throughout their ranges.

When applying an outline, you can choose one of three different ways whilst glass-painting your birthday cards:

Glass-Paint Outline stickers – These are perfect for beginners to glass painting and are best applied on flat, even surfaces. Starting in one corner, slowly peel up the sticker, taking care not to stretch or distort it and apply it to the clean glass surface area of your birthday cards. You can easily buy glass paints,  through online stores.

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Glass paint outliner – These will give a fine outline and the outliner should be squeezed from a tube. They are available in a variety of colours. They can be applied as an outline for your design prior to paint being applied or piped over a pre-painted surface as fine detailing.

Leading Tape – Doors and windows usually necessitate this type of outliner.


Prior to starting to paint, ensure there are no specs of dust and grease on the glass area of the birthday cards, thereby ensuring good adherence. Make use of a solvent, such as white spirit or methylated spirit.

Because a birthday card has a flat surface, the design can be traced straight through. It is easier to work on a flat surface, so try to lay the birthday card on a horizontal surface.

To create a straight line with a glass paint outliner touch the nozzle onto a glass surface then applying a soft even pressure, lift the nozzle from the surface and stretch the out liner along in a straight line. Tap the nozzle down on the glass surface when you are finishing the line.