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How Can I Buy Used Tires Locally?

Obviously, the best option is to buy new tires, but these are not really cheap deals and some drivers prefer to buy used tires. Used tires in great shape can last a long time. Also, after a year or two, a lot of riders still throw away really good tires just because they think it's time to buy new tires. In this case, you can buy good used tires locally and save money.

Our main task is to distinguish used tires from bad ones and buy tires that work perfectly on the road in all conditions and work for us when stopping, turning or sliding. There are several characteristics that distinguish used tires:

First of all, you need to pay attention to the tire tread. If they are too small, the tires will not last long and may malfunction when stopping and skidding, even on dry roads. The height of the tread must not be less than 10 millimeters or 0.4 inches. 

Second, you need to check whether the tires have been repaired or not. These may look like new tires, but have been repaired in a hazardous area and were therefore sold by the previous owner. If a tire is damaged in the danger zone, don't buy it! 

Third, tires with deep cracks are not worth buying. If there are deep cracks in the side of the tire, above or between the grooves, it is better to avoid the tire.