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How Does Soil Excavation Work?

Excavation and dredging is one of the most common methods of restoring topsoil. With this method, landfill is reserved for contaminated soil, which is mined using modern technology. The contaminated soil is sent to a landfill and the cleaned soil is often used to replace the area where the contaminated soil was extracted.

Thanks to the rapid development of the best soil remediation technologies, new and more efficient methods are now being developed. Most of these land restoration efforts are structured at the national government level to rid land of harmful pollutants and make it suitable for use as housing, agriculture, and wildlife habitat. 

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA issues guidelines on how to proceed with soil remediation. These guidelines were developed to establish state standards for soil remediation. 

The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment supports each province's recovery efforts. The UK and Australia are also two countries known to be actively involved in land reclamation strategies.

The degree consists of a curriculum that prepares students to start a career in this field. They are trained in animal and plant biology, horticulture, animal husbandry, soil science, supporting agriculture, basic chemistry, food production and agricultural production economics. These diverse subjects ensure that students are well prepared for any challenges in this field.