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How to Learn German Fast In Singapore

Do you want to learn German quickly? Maybe you have to attend a wedding in Germany or just plan the wonderful trip you've always dreamed of. Whatever your personal reasons for learning German, here are some tips and tricks so you can quickly learn German as your native language today.

It's really not as difficult as you think. An important aspect of learning a foreign language is developing a good ear for the sounds of a new language. There are many institutes like Learn German that can provide the best learning material and most experienced teachers.

An excellent starting point for your German learning adventure is to listen to authentic German conversations. You'll find that many German voices sound very different from their English rivals. 

"Th" is pronounced as English "T" in German. The letter "G" is never soft either. Features like these make German sound harsh and difficult to English ears, but the more you hear and recognize it, the easier it will be for you to learn German quickly because you internalize the sound of the language.

Buy or rent DVDs featuring English-speaking actors with German accents. Practice pronouncing some of the actor's lines, imitating his accent as closely as possible.