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How to Practice Bharatanatyam Using a Rhythmic Pattern

Indian dance practice can help your body to stay healthy and fit. If you're looking for a way to add more variety to your exercise routine, here's an article that shares ways that you can practice Bharatnatyam to get the most out of this type of dance.

What is Bharatnatyam?

Bharatnatyam is a classical Indian dance practice form that originated in Tamil Nadu. It is often described as the “national dance” of India and has been performed by many famous dancers over the years. 

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It is a highly rhythmic dance that is performed in classical music. There are many different rhythms and patterns used in Bharatnatyam, and it can be complex to learn. However, with practice, it can be easy to learn how to perform Bharatnatyam correctly.

How to Practice Indian Folk Dance

The art of Bharatnatyam, or Indian folk dance, is a centuries-old tradition heavily reliant on rhythm. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to practice the basic rhythmic patterns used in Bharatnatyam. By following these simple steps, you'll be well on your way to becoming a skilled dancer!

Benefits of a Rhythmic Pattern

  • This can help you to become more agile and graceful when performing Bharatnatyam poses. 
  • Additionally, practicing in a rhythm can help you to develop better breathing and rhythm skills. 
  • By practicing in a specific rhythm, you can learn how to control your breath and movements more effectively. 
  • Finally, practicing with a rhythmic pattern can help you to develop discipline and focus. 

Different Types of Indian Dances

If you're looking to learn Indian dance, Bharatnatyam may be a good place to start. This ancient dance form is closely linked to Hindu mythology and consists of rhythmic movements that are often performed in traditional Hindi music. Like many dances, Bharatnatyam can be practiced using several different rhythmic patterns. Here are three examples:

– The Mohini Kalyanam

– The Anjali Kalyanam

– The Tandava Kalyanam

Bharatnatyam is a beautiful form of dance that origins in southern India. It has many different themes, but one of the most common is the love story. There are many different ways to practice it using a rhythmic pattern, so find one that you enjoy and start practicing!