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Know About 3D Home Design

3D Home Design is just like traditional 2D. It also includes floor plans, elevations, and the perspective of your project. 3D Home Design uses 3D Floor Plans, 3D Elevations and a different perspective than the traditional 2D.

3D Home Design from an Architect's Point of View

Presenting to a client with 3D Home Design is a great opportunity for architects. The presentation will capture their attention right from the beginning thanks to the rich color presentations of the elevations and floor plans. Find out more about 3D exterior home design via


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3D Home Design from the Client's Point of View

Clients with no architectural background may find it difficult to watch an architect's presentation. Especially if the architect shows boring 2D drawings and talks about it in technical terms you don't understand.

However, if an architect presents a 3D presentation to you, you will immediately be able to understand what the architect means. 3D home design is essential for knowing what will be the outcome of the final model.

You don't need to know the technical terms or the plan drawings. Just look at the presentation to get an idea of the project.

3D Home Design and its components

The presentation for a client consists of two phases: the primary phase, and the main phase. The presentation of floor plans and elevations is the primary stage. This was previously discussed in a previous post. The main phase involves the presentation of both interior and exterior perspectives.