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Moving HR Forward With Mainframe Onboarding Migration

Traditional mainframes from industry leaders provide a large, well-developed infrastructure that supports a wide range of software applications critical to core business functions. You work year after year without stopping time. This centralized onboarding system has an excellent reputation for reliability and scalability. 

However, these latest onboarding platform applications are built with various additions from time to time whenever new processes or changes to business rules are required. The resulting structure resembles a city that grows uncontrollably and expands, in contrast to a city developed from a well-planned plan with easy navigation.

The concept behind .NET servers is different. The infrastructure itself is decentralized and stores and processes data that is distributed throughout the onboarding system. This model focuses on the easy integration of modular applications and services. 

Instead of combining data sets and the functions applied to them in a single package, onboarding offers a solution that can be used repeatedly in many different environments and for a variety of applications.

All of this with the same scalability and continuous operation as the old mainframes. However, it is easier to modify and update because the structure is modular and transparent, and uses languages such as C # .NET and JAVA, which can be operated on multiple platforms.