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Nut Butters That Are Better Than Peanut Butter

If you suffer from an allergy to peanuts it's severe enough that you must cut out peanut butter, but when you must give up tasty foods like peanut and peanut butter cookies and jelly and peanut butter snacks, it's getting too much.

In recent times, people who had peanut allergies along with their friends and family members were required to constantly check the ingredients of the food they purchase.  You can find the best sesame seed oil  through various online websites.

sesame seed butter


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Even today some schools prohibit peanut butter, as well as products produced in factories in contact with peanuts. There are, however, numerous peanut-free alternatives, such as the ones listed below.

Natural sunflower seed butter. Sunflower seeds are loaded with minerals and vitamins, such as selenium potassium, zinc, and protein. They are not high in saturated fats and do not contain trans fats or cholesterol.

Sesame Butter

Another fantastic seed butter to consider is sesame seed butter. It is particularly beneficial to people who adhere to the plant-based diet as sesame seeds have a substantial amount of protein that is vegan friendly.

Sesame seeds were the amount of fiber they contain. Apart from these advantages sesame is also able to lower the chance of high blood pressure and hyper blood sugar levels, and can even combat inflammation.

Cashew Butter – Cashews are similar to peanuts but have more calcium and iron protein, magnesium and zinc, the "B" vitamins, and zinc.