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Overview on Temporary Skill Shortage Visa For Australia

When it comes to going abroad for work opportunities, Australia is one of the best places in the world. The country invites youngsters in the field of IT, hospitality, health, and agriculture.

If employers in the country face a shortage of workers in a particular position, they can look for suitable overseas workers under a temporary skill shortage visa. If you want to get a work sponsorship visa in Australia visit

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Eligibility for Applicants

  • Only an approved sponsor can nominate workers. Your proposed employer will submit a nomination application for you. Make sure the nominated position must be included on the occupation list.
  • Applicants must hold an appropriate visa. It can be a substantive, Bridging A, Bridging B, or Bridging C. The BVA allows you to stay in Australia when your current substantive plan ceases.
  • Applicants are nominated when they show they are eligible for the following position. It may require submission of a skill assessment or evidence to demonstrate that you meet these requirements.
  • Applicants become eligible for the nomination when they have at least 2 years of work experience in the relevant field for which they are nominated. Work experience gained in a particular field would involve meeting the tasks or the projects in a responsible position. Applicants who work full-time are considered instead of part-time workers.

While staying in Australia, it is a must to work only for the nominated employers. You are not allowed to work outside your nominated work else the visa would meet cancellation.

These are some important eligibility for TSS Visa for Australia.