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Plus Size Panty Guide and Different Styles of Ladies Underwear

Panties have evolved from the knee- or ankle-length pants of the early 19th century, through the breeches and bloomers of the late 19th century, to the forerunner of modern panties, the steps worn by flappers from free spirit in the 1920s.

Today’s women have a dazzling array of panty styles to choose from, all in an endless variety of fabrics and colors. With so many varieties, it’s no wonder some of us are puzzled by briefs and tongas or are confused by thongs and thongs. This panty guide will clear it all up with an explanation of the twelve styles of panty found on the market.


Briefs are generally known to those who do not appreciate being called “granny panties”. Plus size briefs offer coverage from the waist to the natural crease where the legs meet the torso. They are great for sleeping, especially when made from white cotton, which allows the skin to breathe. If you want to buy Period-proof underwear online visit

French cut panties

These numbers also offer full coverage from the waist to the back, but the leg holes in the front are cut very high towards the hips. Plus-size French cut panties are preferred by women who do not like tight elastics around the legs. They also lengthen the appearance of your legs, which is why this cut is so often used on the bottom of swimsuits.

Bikini Panties

Bikinis are the most popular style today. Plus size bikini bottoms sit 3 inches below the waist in the front and back and typically have French cut leg holes. They offer less coverage than other types of panties but are also less visible under clothing when they fit well. Bikini bottoms that are too tight are the most likely to make pant lines visible through clothing.

Daring panties

These panties have a cut very similar to hipsters or bikinis, with a big difference. The plus-size cheekbones sit low at the waist, but the back is cut very high, exposing the cheeks a bit.