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Questions To Ask Your Windows And Doors Contractor

Too often the most important question that any contractor should ask before starting work is ignored. Not because we care, but mostly because we don't know what questions to ask. Below is a list of mandatory questions for every contractor you wish to hire.

You've Done This Before, Haven't You?

You don't want to be the artist's guinea pig. Ask about their company history and experience. Every contractor you hire must have sufficient experience to do what you want and the appropriate business license to do it. You can also search the web to find the trusted door & window contractor & andersen windows supplier.

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Find out if they are insured, connected to, and protected them from you and anything that goes wrong during the process. References are a great way to find out if an artist has the necessary experience.

Ask for names and telephone numbers of people who have been in business before. If they are good at what they do, they should have no problem making a list of people who are passionate about them and who sing their praises.

Time Crunch

Find out how long the entire project will take. This is a common complaint of those hiring contractors. They were told that the work would take a week and three months later their window would be half-finished and December at hand. Make sure you know what happens if the project takes longer than expected.

Satisfaction That Demands

Ask the contractor what they can guarantee for you. Can they offer job guarantees if something isn't done as expected? You have to make sure they follow the law or you just have to break everything after you hand over the check.

Hiring a contractor can be a tough time, but the result is work that you will be satisfied with for years to come. There are many artists out there; some good, good, and not very good. These questions will help you eliminate questions that you want to avoid.