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RAI: Solution To Mastering Academics

Ultimately, RAI is an effective learning mechanism for children diagnosed with autism. Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI) is key in helping children with autism master academics and continually evolve into productive members of society. There are significant benefits in employing this alternative, which include unlocking learning potential for children with Autism:

· Universal Acceptance – Kids love robots and are more willing to accept them as trusted companions. 

· No Judgment – Robots aren’t judgmental and use speech that is monotone and easy for children with varying abilities to understand. 

· Efficiency –  Robots don’t get tired and can provide as much wait time, repetition, breaks, extra praise, and patience as needed per child. 

· Consistent Learning – Robots can help reinforce concepts through repetition, providing encouragement and promoting perseverance.

· Predictability – RAI is designed to be predictable in the way lessons are introduced and practiced. This provides a sense of predictability the child can feel comfortable with and expect.

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Autism awareness is growing in the United States. Parents rely on educators to use innovative approaches to help their kids succeed and master the same academics as other children. 

When possible, show or tell them where their classroom is, where their book bag will go, what time lunch will be, and where the bathroom is located. Teach or review any school rules or norms. Allow your child to ask questions and answer them simply and honestly. Knowing the answers to some of these questions will likely help your child feel more comfortable in their new classroom. If possible, request a virtual meeting with your child’s teacher to get them acquainted before the first day and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.