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Situations That Call For Emergency Tree Removal

There are instances when urgent tree removal is needed. The majority of the time the necessity to remove the tree isn't obvious until something happens such as an overturned tree or splitting in two.

In these situations it's crucial to take down the tree as fast as you can in order to prevent destruction (like falling limbs on your vehicle) or even accidents. You can find the experienced emergency tree removal services through various online resources.

emergency tree service

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Below are  instances that require the removal of trees immediately:

1. Sick Tree

Pests, fungi and viruses can infiltrate the tree, and gradually take it down from the inside. A sick tree might appear to be a harmless nuisance, but a tree that is infected with a disease could be dangerous as well. The trees that are suffering from illness must be removed as soon as they are found.

2. Broken Branches

Most broken branches can be taken down quickly with no harm done to trees by using skilled pruning. However, there are instances where broken branches can be an indication that it is time to declare the tree is dead. If a tree is losing more than half of its branches, it is unlikely to be able to survive the next season of growth.

3. Storm Hit

If a severe storm is coming and your tree is in need of removal, it could become risky in the shortest time. The removal of the dangerous tree prior to the storm could prevent difficulties, but often it's the storm that causes the destruction.