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Six Sigma DMAIC: Its Purpose In Business

Define is the initial phase of the project and aims at defining the various issues to be tackled. These issues include objectives, scope, duration, budget, and goals. All the Six Sigma Metrics should be defined and put in a charter document with all the details in it. You can also know more about six sigma tools DMAIC through online sources.

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The second phase is the Measure. This follows once the individuals understand what they need and what they are expected to do. The entire stage is very statistically complicated and involving, especially for beginners. This is the phase where all of the data to be analyzed is collected.

The third phase is the analysis phase. In this phase, the team sits down and analyses the collected information thoroughly. They look at the problems that cause the business to experience various problems in detail. This is possible with the help of statistical data. Much of the analysis is achieved through the use of statistical tools and tests.

The next step is to improve the business process. This is done by taking the knowledge gained through the analyze phase and implementing it into the business processes. The team then defines new processes that the business should follow. The control stage, just as the name suggests is where the business seeks to gain some form of control. It is important, in this phase, to ensure that the changes made to the business processes continue to be followed to the best of the employees' ability.

The DMAIC method is normally used in improving upon existing business practices and products. It is a metric measurement that targets errors and defects in the processes. Another method, called the DMADV method is used when businesses are trying to create a new process, product, or service.