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Sleeping Tips For Babies – How To Seep Your Baby

This is a great task, especially for a nursing mother, but take control of the moment and you and your baby will find it easier to rest.  Try putting your baby to sleep until he calms down, just before he nods. You can hire baby sleep consultants via Baby Sleep Magic to take care of your baby's sleep.

Wait a few moments before going to your baby

Jumping over the baby monitor with every creak is only teaching your child to wake up more often. Wait a few minutes to give him bedtime on his own. If he doesn't and it looks like he's about to wake up, try calling him before he screams. 

Try not to look your baby in the eye

Many babies are easily stimulated. Observing your baby's eyes can grab your attention and signal that it's time to play. 

Break the rules for level changes

Avoid the temptation to change baby every time you wake up: you don't always need it and you'll rock it. Instead, place your baby on a quality night twig before bed. 

Give your baby "dream food"

If your baby has trouble sleeping, waking him up for dinner (for example, between 10 p.m. and midnight) can help him sleep longer.

Wait until you are ready for sleep practice

By following these tips, you can develop healthy sleep habits and kick off the first month of your baby's life. However desperate you may be, your baby will not be officially ready to sleep until at least 4 months of age. You are not only ready for remote sleep, but you are also more receptive to the techniques you will use.