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Some Important Things About Shisha

A shisha, also known as a water pipe, hookah, skewer, bubble bladder, Goza, pine, kailan, Chika, is a tobacco pipe with a long yet flexible tube that draws the smoke through water contained in a bowl. 

Device description:

The Shisha consists of upper and lower compartments, which are connected by pipes. You can also get information about top shisha delivery in Australia via the web.


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In short, the top consists of a bowl in which tobacco is placed and then covered with a perforated aluminum foil in which the burning charcoal is placed. At the bottom of the device is a water jug covered with a gasket, convex hose, and a drain valve (to remove standing smoke).

Although the shisha retains some of its properties worldwide (the presence of a liquid through which the smoke flows), there are large differences in the consumables, sizes, and materials used to make parts of the equipment due to personal and cultural/regional preferences.

Shisha tobacco

Three types of shisha tobacco are commonly used, namely Mouassal, Jurak, and Tumbak, each of which contains different ingredients. 

The taste of shisha tobacco

Shisha tobacco uses a variety of flavors, with the fruit flavor being the most popular. Likewise, tobacco-flavored fruit was preferred over fruit tasted by students. 

Other flavors include chocolate, cloves/spices, alcohol, and other beverages. This suggests that scented tobacco plays an important role as a "motivator" for shisha use, providing the user with a pleasant taste and smell.