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Study Tips for the ASVAB

Take a practice test before you start learning the ASVAB. Try to duplicate the test environment, take the whole exam at once, check yourself, and don't allow any interruptions.

Focus on the subtests that are important to you: If you have a clear interest in a career in electronics, the Electronic Information asvab military practice test must be at the top of your list to qualify. While you want to make sure that all of your results are good (if you retrain or the job you want isn't available), focusing on your experience in a particular area of interest makes you a more desirable candidate.

Focus on subject areas that need improvement: It's human nature to occupy yourself with topics that interest you or are good at. If you are an auto repair expert, don't waste your time studying car information. On the other hand, if you experience math difficulties during your school years, you should spend more time thinking about your arithmetic skills.

Try to reduce distractions: Always study in a well-lit and quiet place, away from pets, crying babies, and the TV.

Study in long blocks of time: Studying for an hour or two once or twice a day is much more effective than 15 minutes six times a day.

Take a break from training: A few minutes and an hour is enough. However, don't ignore pauses completely. Studies show that short breaks improve the quality of information retention.

Practice the actual action of taking the test: Practice marking the answers correctly on the Answer Key and take some time to see how long it takes you to answer the questions.