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The Advantages Of Using The Deep Draw Process In Your Manufacturing Operation

When compared to standard molding or casting, there are various advantages to adopting the deep draw technique to make particular metal parts.

Deep draw presses from Macrodyne allows for precise control of force distribution and material flow, resulting in structurally better-finished products with no wrinkling or ripping.

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A drawing press drafting decreases waste and lowers manufacturing costs since it produces a net shape with the least amount of material. Redesigning numerous components into one deep-drawn part can help save money on assembly.

Multiple Deep Draw Press Configurations Are Available

Microdyne drawing presses are available in single-action, single-action with cushion, double-action, double-action with cushion, and triple-action versions.

These presses can be purchased separately or in combination with a range of ancillary equipment, such as robots, coil feed systems, destackers, transfer systems, scrap conveyors, and automated die storage.

Microdyne Hydraulic Deep Draw presses are designed to produce a wide range of deep drawn components. They can produce high-precision deep-drawn components quickly and cost-effectively for a variety of industries, including automotive, appliance, cookware, medical, consumer & industrial products, and more.

The Deep Draw presses material is then stretched over the die by a ram-driven punch to create the correct form. The plastic component of deformation is retained when the workpiece is unloaded.

Aluminum parts for automobiles and titanium parts for aerospace purposes are both made with Deep Draw presses equipment.