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Tips on Buying a New Construction Home

There was a time when people use to say "they don't build them like they use to" and they were probably correct. But today, that is not true. Today homes are much better constructed.

The building industry has come a long way in the last 10 years. Technology has come to the building industry and the technology has improved the way we build homes. The local codes have forced builders to build to a higher standard. The area of the home that has improved has been:

1. Energy efficiency through Energy Star and Green Building.

2. The involvement of Structural Engineer and engineer products in residential homes have improved their overall integrity.

3. High Tech wiring to keep up with today's demands for information and comfort.

4. The enforcing of a higher standard for all homes by local building officials

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Renovation - Custom Home Builder in Durham NC

Here are a few tips before you start building that new home:

1. Don't build too many houses for the neighborhood. Having the largest and most expensive house on the block might be good for your ego, but it makes the house significantly more difficult to sell in the future

2. A good rule to follow is to build to the neighbor or build for resale. Sooner or later the house will have to be sold. And a two-bedroom, 6 bathroom house may be perfect for you but will be a disaster when the time to sell it.

3. Good Execution needs Good Planning. Take the time to plan out the small details. It is the small details that can transform a simple home into a Custom Home.