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Track Your Fleet Anywhere

The ability to manage time efficiently is an easy way to increase productivity. When you are an employee-manager on the other side of the country, this can be difficult. Knowing what they are doing and where they are challenging, and just taking their word for it won't always work. 

The GPS tracking system puts you in charge of your fleet no matter where you are. You can get your GPS installed in your vehicle via

The Fleet Tracking System allows you to track one or more vehicles over the internet using a TrakNet user account. Very easy to use and easy to understand.

The system provides you with the latest updates for each of your vehicles via reports that can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF or Excel format. Knowing where the trucks are going and how quickly they will get there. If you want, you can also view your stay and travel times.

It is mounted under the dashboard so that it is not visible. No one will ever know it's there and you have peace of mind knowing where all your trucks are. Geo-fencing allows you to set a specific geographic area for one or more of your vehicles. 

Receive notifications via network or SMS when the vehicle is out of range. This allows you to keep your fleet on schedule, no matter how far apart.