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Using The Algebraic Multigrid Method For Large CFD Simulations

The Algebraic Multigrid (AMG) solver provides a robust solution for large-scale CFD simulations. The AMG method is available in COMSOL Multiphysics software version 5.3a and later requires only one mesh, as opposed to the Geometric Multigrid (GMG) solver, which requires at least one coarser mesh. 

This eliminates the need to create coarse meshes of complex geometry with fine details, which is difficult to create without using fine meshes. You can find the best CFD consulting companies via online.

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A Fluid Flow Problem, Mathematical Model, and Numerical Model

Fluid flow can be accurately described by the laws for conservation of momentum, mass, and energy. The most accurate way to describe these laws is by partial differential equations (PDEs). 

The system of PDEs that describes these laws is nonlinear. In most practical cases, these equations cannot be solved analytically. 

The fluid flow equations are nonlinear, which means that the discrete numerical model equations are also nonlinear. For transient problems, a system of nonlinear equations has to be solved at every time step. For steady flows, the numerical model equations form a system of nonlinear equations that has to be solved once.

This method is based on the linearization of the nonlinear equations and solving the linear equations in a sequence of iterations, often referred to as Newton iterations, until we obtain the desired accuracy.