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What can be done for ingrown toenails?

Ingrown toenails can be a prevalent issue which really can be quite painful and they don't get better on their own. Ingrown toenails are generally amongst the most frequent issues treated by foot doctors. The leading cause of an ingrown toe nail can be a combination of a curled nail along with a inadequate toenail cutting method.

The management of the ingrown toenail is determined by if it's infected or not. When it is, the podiatrist may well arrange prescription antibiotics. Although this will help the infection, it won't deal with the problem because the bit of ingrown toe nail that's inducing the concern is still there. A skilled Podiatrist can easily remove the corner or spike on the side of the toenail which has dug into the skin that is creating the issue. Podiatrists usually perform this with fairly little pain. Unless this problem bit of toe nail which may be creating the ingrown nail is removed, the infection will probably continue and the problem is still growing in. After this, suitable wound care and the use of dressings is necessary to help get the infection in check. If the pain remains after this initial treatment, this could be because of there being one more spike of toenail much deeper down the side resulting in the pain.

When the ingrown toe nail is acute, or if perhaps conservative care is difficult, or maybe the ingrown toe nail keeps coming back then a minor surgical treatment is a frequently recommended by the podiatrist. The minor surgical treatment is commonly a simple and easy procedure and is very successful for long term relief that is long lasting. There are a selection of different minor surgical procedures which could be used by a Podiatrist for ingrown toe nails with almost all of them being done under a local anaesthetic. The most typical treatment is the removing part of the nail along the side of the nail that is resulting in the disorder. However, after having a toenail or portion of the nail removed, its going to re-grow because the growing cells at the base of the toenail are still there. Most often an acid can be used to destroy the growing cells for preventing regrowth with the section of toenail that is removed. There are more options to prevent the toe nail from coming back again which include surgically scraping the growing cells or using a laser. For an unidentified cause a few percent can be recurrent. Frequently, following the ingrown nail operation you have got to keep the foot elevated for a few hours and rest is recommended. The very next day, you should be able to return to work or school. The podiatrist will usually give you advice not to be involved in sporting pursuits, for instance jogging for up to 2 weeks after the procedure. Wearing an open toe footwear is normally useful. This ensures that there isn't any pressure on the wound to affect healing.

For those who have an ingrown toenail or are prone to ingrown toe nails, then it will be a good idea to obtain assistance from a podiatrist as to what your better options are to take care of and prevent ingrown toenails.