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What Is Described By The Beauty Of June Birthstone?

In many countries, this birthstone gemstone is sewn into women's clothing because it is considered a symbol of fertility. In India, the moonstone is referred to as the "dream stone" because it is believed to bring beautiful dreams. 

It is also believed to symbolize the wearer's holistic outlook with moonstone birthstone – it gives soft light which will aid in people's emotional tendencies to daydream. This association makes it the ideal choice for lovers and creates feelings of tender and true love. Wearing jewelry with built-in gemstones is recommended for everyone as it leads to peace and tranquility for the body and mind.

Moonstone is also believed to produce mental clarity that balances the users and general sense of comfort. The Mohs hardness rating is based on a 10-point scale, with 10 like a diamond being the most durable and 1 like talc being easily scratched. 

Moonstone scores 6.5 which means it is slightly scratch-resistant so it is suitable as a jewelry component. Moonstone gemstones should be cleaned regularly by a professional or with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. 

Avoid ultrasonic solvents, cleaners, and harsh chemicals when cleaning your handmade jewelry, as contact with these items can damage semi-precious and precious stones and pearls. Learn about all semi-precious stones including apatite, amethyst, blue topaz, and black onyx.