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What Is The Vedas?

The Vedas are an ancient and complex collection of religious and philosophical texts originating in India. They are written in Sanskrit and form the basis for Hinduism, one of the major religions in the world. 

The Vedas are thought to have been composed between 1500 and 1000 BC, though some portions may be as old as 4500 BC. The period during which the Vedas were composed is known as the Vedic Period. The Vedas are written in Sanskrit and are said to be recited by many Hindu sages and preachers. If you are looking for a Vedic university, visit

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The Vedas contain what is considered to be India’s oldest religious texts. The word ‘Veda’ means ‘that which can not be destroyed’ and refers to the scriptures of ancient India that have been passed down for over four thousand years. India is one of only two countries, alongside Tibet, where all its people speak a single language, Sanskrit, and where all its people follow the same religion Hinduism. 

It is thought that the earliest avatar ( incarnation) of Vishnu, the Hindu god of preservation, appeared on earth around 1500 BC, and later avatars (incarnations) have occupied India’s political, cultural, and spiritual center ever since. As such, Indian tradition is one of the oldest traditions among mankind, it has a long history of religious tolerance and free thought, and is known for its great diversity in terms of race and culture.