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Why Should You Choose Aluminum Railings In Toronto?

Aluminum Railing

With the popularity of vinyl and composite railing nowadays it’s easy to forget there are other railing options.  


The aluminum balustrades From Toronto offers a sleek, contemporary design. The thinner ½” x ¾” balusters provide homeowners with a better view of their backyard or pool. Also, instead of several pieces that need to be put together such as infill kits, baluster packs, and post sleeves, aluminum railing comes conveniently preassembled. 

Unlike composite and vinyl railing, you will not need to purchase additional structural post mounts for support, as these aluminum posts are structural therefore saving more time on installation. 

Ease of installation

Aluminum comes in both stair and horizontal preassembled railing sections, making for a relatively quick and painless installation. In fact, it is generally faster to install an aluminum railing rather than composite or vinyl.  

On average it takes about 35 minutes to assemble a composite or vinyl section compared to about 5 minutes for one of the aluminum sections.


Cost-wise, the aluminum railing is more expensive than the treated wood railing. However, if you are already thinking of going with a composite railing you will find that it’s priced comparably. 

If you’re still thinking about using the wood railing, just remember all of the maintenance that’s required. You have to stain and seal, or paint- and don’t think that’s a one-time thing! Maintenance needs to be done every year or so, and you’ll need to power wash beforehand too.