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Why You Should Always Wear a Face Mask During Covid-19 Pandemic

Novel Corona Virus also referred to as Covid-19 has become a severe problem for all countries across the globe. It has destroyed the economies of even the most developed countries and infected and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. After extended shutdowns, countries are reopening their economies.

People have to move out of their homes to return to their workplaces. These individuals need to protect themselves from this virus by ensuring they are always wearing a good quality face mask. If you want to buy a face protection mask online, refer to

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Here are some reasons why a face mask is your first line of defence in your fight against this pandemic.

1. When social distancing is not possible

If you live in an area with a very low population density, you can easily keep yourself protected from Corona Virus by observing social distancing. When you are always at a safe distance of 6 feet from other human beings, there is no need to wear a face mask.

But when you feel this safe distance is not being maintained or not possible, wearing a face mask becomes essential.

2. You stay protected from sneezes and coughs

Mask protects you from the droplets coming out from other people who may be possibly infected. You are never sure of the fact that others are healthy and not infected by Covid-19.

If anyone suddenly sneezes and you are in the vicinity, you can easily allow entry of droplets coming out of his mouth and nose. By wearing a surgical mask, you make sure that these droplets do not reach your mouth and stay on its outer surface.

3. You cannot touch your face with your own hands

Many people have this tendency to touch their face, nose, and ears frequently without any reason. If you are wearing a face mask, you will resist the temptation of touching your face. If you do so, you will be protected as your hands will not come in direct contact with the mouth and nose.

However, you need to wash your hands frequently if you have this habit of touching your face. You can infect your face mask with your own hands because of this habit. Therefore, wearing a mask is compulsory for all those who have this terrible habit of touching their face, nose, and mouth.

4. Face mask protects others

Wearing a face mask was not made essential in the early phases of Covid-19 with health officials of WHO even telling people not to wear masks. However, with numbers of infections increasing rapidly, it soon dawned upon experts that the virus was quickly transmitted to healthy people by those who appeared infection free but were asymptomatic.

It merely means you can help save others coming in your contact if you always wear a face mask. If everyone had worn face masks form the start of this pandemic, thousands of precious lives would have been saved.