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A Short Guide To The Oktoberfest

Beer reigns supreme at the annual Oktoberfest gala and it's one of the best times for people to take one of the Oktoberfest tours. It's the perfect way to explore Munich, Germany, and discover the wonders of German beer and ales.

The holiday is a centuries-old tradition that combines old-world charm with modern adventure and there has never been a more honorable setting for Oktoberfest beer lovers to collect and explore the nuances of this fermented and aromatic drink. You can also get information about miss oktoberfest via

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This holiday has been around for 200 years and when you sign up for one of the Oktoberfest tours, you have the amazing opportunity to sample a wide variety of German beers, enjoy delicious food and take part in games and other events.

Be part of the enthusiastic audience that the city of Munich replenishes every year. As a member of the Oktoberfest travel group, you can experience firsthand the fun, excitement, and joy in life that characterize this fall holiday.

At first, the hastily built tents and stalls were used for the Oktoberfest, but in a few years, they grew rapidly. In the 20th century, large and colorful pubs dominated the Oktoberfest landscape.

The end of the Oktoberfest takes place on October 1 or 3. This date is based on the day on which German Unity Day is celebrated. You can call one of the Oktoberfest tours and learn more about the 2011 program.