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All About Encapsulation Services

Encapsulation refers to the process where active agents, such as antimicrobials and biocides, are enclosed by a coating that allows for controlled migration.

This industry term describes how dietary supplements are packaged in capsule or tablet form. Encapsulation of food ingredients protects them from the environment until their release or desired interaction. For more information about encapsulation services, you can explore this link.

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Supplement companies now offer a wider range of products, including tablets, capsules and light gels and caps, chewable tablets and sublingual forms, liquids and powders, gummies.

Different Encapsulation Services

  • Capsules are the most common form of medication. They offer long stability, protection from environmental factors such as light, moisture, and air, and are very affordable. 

  • Tablets are also made up of many inactive substances, known as excipients. These excipients act as the means of creating a supplement, such as fillers, preservatives, and coloring agents. They then become compressed and broken down when they are ingested.

  • Tablets have the advantage of being cheaper and allowing customization of size, shape, and aesthetics. They also allow for more control over dissolution, allowing for the faster and longer release of nutrients.

  • There are many uses for encapsulation. Encapsulation is used in biology to preserve living tissue, cells, hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and other biological materials. 

Encapsulation has been a growing field of interest. Depending on the material and its application, different methods of extraction have been developed.