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Ask Professionals For Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Talc is a natural, soft mineral used in personal care products to absorb moisture, dry out skin, reduce friction, fight odors and prevent rashes. Johnson & Johnson manufacturers began selling baby powder as one of its first products in 1886.

Although the natural powder contains asbestos, the production process since the 1970s is claimed to have removed all traces of carcinogens. There are many talcum and baby powder lawsuits filed against talcum powder manufacturer.

 According to Reuters, J&J did not tell the FDA that at least three tests from three different laboratories found asbestos in talc from 1972 to 1975 – in one case the numbers were reported to be "quite high".

The use of talcum powder over the years alone is not sufficient to warrant criminal prosecution for damages by civil courts. However, if you or a loved one has been using loose powder a lot and was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, there may be a link.

One theory is that talcum powder enters the female reproductive tract, where they trigger an inflammatory response that makes cancer cells more likely to grow.

You may be eligible to file a case of loose powder for ovarian cancer if:

    You are using Johnson & Johnson baby shower powder.

    You have used the product for perineal pollination or female hygiene.

    You use the product consistently – even every day for years.

    They had been diagnosed with epithelial ovarian cancer, which is most closely related to the use of talc.

    You are subject to statute of limitations for your country.