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Benefits Of Using Shower Seats For Elderly Or Disabled People

In old age, it can be difficult to bathe and shower unassisted. Many aids make bathing and showering easier and safer. Even simple tasks like getting in and out of the bath can become dangerous. Impaired balance and fragile bones can cause falls and fractures. For some seniors, a fall can be life-threatening and dangerous.

To make it easier to get in and out of the bath, some people install support rails and steps around it. While this is an option for many, a walk-in cubicle with a shower is the best long-term choice. Therefore to purchase home healthcare equipment for more comfort and convenience you can click this link.

This has the drawback that the person must stand for the entire duration of the shower. This is a common problem for seniors with many conditions.

Many people find a way to overcome this problem by using a shower stool that is placed in the cubicle. These are made from rust-proof materials and offer a practical solution. These allow the user to relax while they shower, reducing strain.

This option is safer for seniors because it doesn't have the risk of falling from the bathtub. This reduces the risk of falling and slipping.

The sitting area must drain well as it will be subject to water. It will require holes in the seat. The seat is then drained by the water from the shower, which reduces the chance of the user falling if they are sitting in standing water.

Also, the potential slipperiness of your shower floor is a concern. This can be fixed by fitting non-slip feet on the stool. The wall-mounted version is another type of disabled shower chair.