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Daycare Options for Your Child

Choosing a kindergarten for your child is a big decision. Small childcare has many advantages over large institutional daycare centers. Many of these benefits come from the relatively small size of the home nursery. Children in home kindergartens tend to get sick less often because they are exposed to fewer germs than other children.

In addition, home care services that work from home can often be more flexible in meeting the needs of you and your child. For example, many home care providers are willing to follow your child's preferred nap schedule, eating habits, etc. Home daycare careers services are an alternative to consider. When looking for a provider, make sure you do a thorough investigation and ask the necessary questions.

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As a rule, your child will be cared for on a more individual basis by caregivers who have fewer children to care for. Such a daycare center can, for example, read one child's favorite book while the other children play separately. In daycare centers with up to twenty children, daycare workers cannot provide such individualized care.

Home care is often less expensive than institutional daycare but should not be viewed as the second-best option at a lower rate. Many home care providers have excellent qualifications, such as a CPR certificate and experience in education. Some of these kindergartens are certified by the state in which they live, while others are not. While government certification can provide quality assurance, non-certified child care facilities are often worth considering.