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Electric Hot Water Heaters – Benefits

Most of us don't know much about water heaters until our unit breaks down and we have to buy a new one. If you are searching for a new water heater, chances are you are getting slightly overwhelmed by the number of choices there are and how many decisions you have to make.

One of the biggest decisions you have to make is choosing between electric hot water heaters and the other types. To select electric hot water heater visit

There are four basic types of fuel sources for these water heating machines – electricity, natural gas, liquid propane, and oil.

Electric hot water heaters are the most efficient type. The main reason for this is that 100% of the electricity that flows to the unit is used, unlike all of the other fuel sources where there is some degree of energy loss.

Another benefit of electric types is that there is a safety factor. They are safer than all other sources in two ways. First, there is no pilot light on an electric unit as there is with every other type.

While it is rare, there is the possibility that the pilot light can ignite flammable materials in the air, causing an explosion or fire. Secondly, the pilot light could go out and instead of burning off the gas, it can cause the gas to leak into the house. This can cause a fire hazard as well as potentially causing a large amount of carbon monoxide to creep into the home.

As far as pricing goes, electric units are on par with the other units, and the size, style, and brand will determine what you pay out of pocket.