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How to Fit a Wall Mounted LCD TV

Now that you have your LCD TV, it is time to learn how to mount it on a wall. Wall mounting is very popular because it saves space and prevents your TV from dominating the room.

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First things first

After you've decided where your LCD TV should be mounted, you will need a stud locater. It doesn't matter how to mount an LCD TV on a wall. Use your stud finder for ensuring that the wall mount is in a stud.

Anchors away

You are now ready to mount the wall mount once you have located the studs. Mounting the wall mount should be done at as many points on the wall as possible. Each mounting spot will be lighter if there are more anchor points. 

Hide Cables

The next step is to conceal the lines. You can either drill into the wall to run them through or find other ways to "hide" them on the exterior of the wall. This can be done with the help of conduits and sheathes that you can find at your local home improvement shop.

Get Help

It doesn't matter how confident you may be about how to mount an LCD TV on a wall, it's still a smart idea to have someone to help you. It doesn't matter if you need to support the TV while it is being mounted, or just to offer suggestions and help, having another person around will make it safer and more efficient.