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Larger Earlobe Reduction Treatment

Earlobes with large lobes could be the result of genetic inheritance, or they can be a result of aging and are caused by wearing large earring rings for women. In general the length of the earlobe shouldn't be greater than one-fourth or one-fifth of the length that the ear is. 

A large earlobe may be evident for the uninitiated, and does not need a ruler to tell whether it is large enough. Earlobes that are large may not just be too long but also stick out as well. If you also have a larger earlobe, then you can book your appointment at for earlobe reduction treatment.

stretched earlobe repair earlobe reduction

The most popular and preferred method for reducing earlobes is to use the medial (inner) method or to cut the lobe skin wedge away from the side where it joins the face. This is the best spot to place the scar on an ear fold. There is a tail of the scar that passes into the middle of the earlobe, which will connect to a crease that runs through the lower portion of the ear, which is home to cartilage.

Earlobe reducer is a quick yet effective procedure to make it smaller. I usually do them in the course of a facelift since many patients have large ears and altering the size when you are already working on the ear is an ideal time to adjust it.