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Model Agency – A Beginner’s Guide

A beginner entering the industry should aim to know all the nuts and bolts of a model agency to work with them efficiently.

Bookers / Model managers 

It is hard to overstate the importance of a booker for a modeling agency. A booker is also known as a model or talent manager. Key roles include scheduling shoots for models, scouting for new faces and talent to add an agent, handling the interaction between the various clients and agencies, negotiating the terms of the contract and ensuring that models are of professional standard.

If you are looking forward to a modelling career, you will require a model agency or booker to help you enter the industry. You can get help from professional casting and model agencies such as Castango in Los Angeles.


You may be one of the lucky ones to get faced by Scouters, who are required to have acute sensing of fashion industry and can identify potential model wherever they see them. They must also have interaction skills as confident as bookers and are able to attract a potential model to a model agency.

Special Booking Department

Depending on the size of the agency there may be some departments for booking.

Managerial / Major Reservations: Consists of CEO, supervisor importantly, bookers and senior members. They meet regularly to ensure the agency is performing well and liaise with their biggest clients.

Editorial and Advertising: This is for relatively experienced and professional models. This will have experienced Bookers to try and get as many job opportunities for the models as possible.