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Polycarbonate Skylights – A Durable Way To Provide Natural Light

Skylights bring warmth and natural light into the home. There are different options available in the market when it comes to choosing the materials for skylights. Homeowners who want a more permanent roof could consider installing a polycarbonate roof instead of one made of clear glass. Like glass windows that are made of polycarbonate instead of glass, this ensures energy efficiency in the home while adding beauty and value.

What is polycarbonate Polycarbonate is a strong plastic that has extraordinary strength, can withstand up to 125 degrees Celsius of temperatures, and has vague properties. Despite its strength, it is very light in weight. Impenetrable windows are just one of the uses for which this transparent polymer is made. Polycarbonate is practically unbreakable as it is nearly 200 times more shatter-resistant than even the most impenetrable glass. These properties become the reason to make polycarbonate an excellent choice for placing skylights in Australia residentials.

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Just as glass allows natural light to enter the spaces of your home. Polycarbonate roof skylights are usually available with UV film as standard, protecting you from nearly 98% of the UV rays that pass through the windows. Manufacturers offering polycarbonate skylights may offer two protective but more decorative films to cover your roof. The opal lens option allows about 90% natural light to enter and at the same time allows an even distribution of light in the room.

Maybe you have a room in your house where you can enjoy the roof without so much natural light entering the room. The bronze filter option lets less light around 40% into the living space, which makes the area a little darker, but still allows some sunlight to penetrate. There is a protective film, which is translucent varies between opal and bronze, so there's a shade to suit almost every homeowner.