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Purify Air and Biogas with H2S Scrubber

With the increasing demand for renewable energy and the global concern surrounding climate change, a possible solution is to turn biogas into electricity. In this article, you will learn more about what is meant by biogas, how it can be turned into electricity, and how an H2S Scrubber works! Get more information about H2S Scrubber at H2S Zero.


Biogas is the result of fermenting biodegradable biological material (e.g., animal manure). The heat generated during the fermentation process creates either electricity or some kind of fuel such as methane. Today, it is utilized in several ways:

The biogas can be used as transportation fuel and heating energy. It can be used inside a building as a source of energy through gas toilets and geothermal heat pumps, among other things. Some countries use it to power their electricity grid and even generate their own electricity from it. It can also be used for cooking, lighting, and heating with an industrial scale at temperatures of up to 600°C (1,130°F ), in the purifying process of natural gas, and other industrial applications.The biogas is an important source of energy for rural households with no electricity connection. It is also widely used in rural areas for cooking, lighting and even as a fuel for heating. 

However, access to biogas technology must be decentralized because the cost of transport is not affordable in most countries even when using trucks and jeeps or motorcycles to transport the powdered raw material from the field to the plant processing plant. One way to overcome this problem would be to use decentralized technologies such as solar panels, windmills and so on that are available in most rural areas and which can be easily connected by local communities without much technical skills.